April cravings : Getting in the mood for picnics

Α long winter is coming to an end, and the sun is coming out, shining in the blue sky. Flowers are blossoming and trees are starting to become green again. Outdoor activities are becoming popular and April is the perfect month to enjoy a picnic in nature.

Show your love for Earth this Earth Day! / Spread the love for Earth this Earth Day!

Ozone depletion; Climate change; Nuclear winter; Global warming; Water Scarcity. No matter how familiar do these words sound, they all describe the (not that gentle) impact that human presence has on the environment. Yes, this does feel, indeed, a little bit scary – but it is not irreversible; especially since each one of us has the ability to do its own bit for saving the planet.

Make it feel more like Christmas!

Christmas feels like… cinnamon ornaments; baked gingerbread houses; potpourri simmering on the stove; mouth-watering treats; glittered mistletoe bunches; and anything intriguing enough able to really trigger your senses. All five of them.

Your first Christmas together: the just-you VS family-and-friends dilemma

For most people, Christmas is considered to be more like a… family matter. If you are one of them but are still craving for spending the holidays with your significant other, this sweet stereotype is probably the reason why you may feel a little bit torn around those days.